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  • 01 May 2011

    Transition fittings 13 mm.

    Company Altest develop new windows, window sashes and neck with a 13 mm casing. New profiles are commercially available and in stores in the country.

  • 01 Apr 2011

    New additional profiles:

    The company enrich their systems with new additional profiles, namely extensions 60 and 70 mm and 24 mm Hunter.  

  • 01 Mar 2011

    New budget profile / Let's fight the crisis! /

    The company developed a new fund account that has reduced weight, which aims to achieve a good price level for the end user.

New products

  • 549.12


    Водобранно крило. Серия 70 мм KMG.

  • 04.860


    Перваз. Продукта е съвместим с всички профили (каса) с марка KMG.

  • S 482.18

    S 482.18

  • Prelude


    Фирма „Алтест" стартира първо с разработването и налагането на пазара на своята 4-камерна PVC система "Prelude". Вече наложила се и доказала своите качества, системата става едно от най-предпочитаните решения на…